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25 Most Popular Mobile Apps in the US

With 115 million monthly users, Facebook is the most popular mobile app followed by YouTube with 83.4 million users. Google Play (72 million users), Google Search (70 million users), and Pandora Radio (69 million users) round out the top five mobile apps. …

Preparing a Performance Appraisal

Managers are supposed to write an employee performance review or an appraisal form time and again. An appraisal form is one of the most effective performance appraisal methods that can improve an employee’s career and can be an incentive for better performance. …

4 Key Questions for a Performance Improvement Plan

There is a common misconception held by the general public nowadays that corporations are cold, heartless machines unconcerned about employees and only concerned with profit. Obviously profit is a corporation’s primary reason but in reality all enlightened corporations are very concerned about …