Preparing a Performance Appraisal

Managers are supposed to write an employee performance review or an appraisal form time and again. An appraisal form is one of the most effective performance appraisal methods that can improve an employee’s career and can be an incentive for better performance. Even if you have only nice things to say about your employee, there are some tips and performance appraisal methods that you should keep in mind while writing an appraisal form.

How to Write an Appraisal Form

One or two pages should be enough for an appraisal form. Be succinct and upfront, cut back on excess words and insignificant details. Keep your sentences short and clear. You should consider various performance appraisal methods when writing an evaluation form.

Performance Appraisal Methods

Start the appraisal form by highlighting the strengths of your employee. This is one of the best performance appraisal methods. Mention three or five positive traits that your employee has, mention the fields in which the employee excels. Use specific, detailed examples. Recall a particular case when your business directly benefited from your employee’s good trait. The positive features that you may list in an appraisal form are skills and competencies: your employee might be creative, well-qualified, experienced, precise, reliable, confident, they might have good communication skills or good organizing skills. For instance, you can mention that your employee has had professional expertise in promotion and marketing, she knew how to pinpoint your target audience, she used marketing methods that reached a narrow and well-chosen segment of possible clients (age group, financial and social background, education, location etc.) and, as a result, your business was able to generate more sells.

Goals are important performance appraisal methods. Set reasonable goals for your employee and add them to the appraisal form. Involve constructive advice. Suggest one to three areas that your employee could develop to boost their productivity. Focus on the strengths the employee could enhance to be even better in that field, to excel in that area. You can suggest some training or workshop. You might mention areas that are your employee’s weaknesses: you can write some detailed advice on how to improve this area. You should add measurable goals – for example, increase performance by 10 percent. Development could be ongoing: your employee could work on developing that particular area.

Feedback and review on earlier goals should be part of your performance appraisal methods. When writing an appraise form, you should mention a couple of examples from the past when you determined some goals for your employee and they successfully met your requirements. Emphasize how they improved their performance in a short while.

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