5 Tips to Writing Employee Performance Reviews

unsplash_52b6b4db7397c_1Writing up an employee appraisal is not a fun task, especially when you are trying to strike the right balance between praising an employee for their contributions and trying to encourage them to shore up any flaws that they have demonstrated. This is the reason that performance reviews are not easy to write, especially if you are trying to give the right impression and not discourage an otherwise good employee.

However, there are ways to write an effective staff review that will bring out the best attributes in your employees while minimizing any feelings of bias. There is arguably not a perfect way to properly write performance reviews that makes all of your employees happy,

Be Comprehensive

Basically, you need to strike a balance while being comprehensive in your review. That way, the employee will see that you were as thorough as possible in your evaluation. You’ll want to avoid over-emphasizing a particular incident either positive or negative unless it had a really big impact on performance. This means that you’ll want to keep the entire time period into account and not try to define an employee’s performance based on one incident.

Provide Frequent Informal Feedback

One aspect that gets overlooked too often is that you should not limit your feedback to employees during performance reviews or a staff review. When an employee makes a positive contribution, say so at the time and be sure to include it in an annual or bi-annual employee appraisal. This helps take the pressure off from your scheduled appraisal as the communication lines have been opened.

Be Honest & Constructive

While it is never easy to tell an employee where he or she needs to improve, it must be done. However, you should frame it in a constructive manner so that you are encouraging them to do better, not scolding them. Explain in detail the issue, what you have seen, how it can be improved and where you and your management team can help. Remember, you and your employees are all in the same business together.

Encourage Dialogue

About the only thing worse in a performance review than having to fight with an employee about every little point is getting stony silence in return. You want some type of feedback from them to your suggestions, so tailor your comments to encourage feedback. An open dialogue with your employee is so beneficial in these situations. However, if things start to get out of hand then you’ll want offer a break so that you and the employee can cool down a bit and start over.

At the End, Be Positive

It pays to end on a positive note and be encouraging in your staff review or employee appraisal. You don’t want them to leave on a negative note. After all, performance reviews are supposed to be positive in showing employees where they can improve so the company improves.

By following these five tips, you can greatly improve your experience in writing and delivering employee reviews that are of great help to your staff. Remember to stay positive and engaged all the time so that these reviews are a far more pleasant experience for those involved.

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