5 Steps to Becoming the World’s Worst Email Marketer

1287062_19628839Many companies and organizations seem to be trying for the World’s Worst Email Marketer award. Becoming a great email marketer is hard work! Why not try to become the world’s worst email marketer? In this article, you’ll learn the traits of particularly awful email marketing and how you might avoid doing what they do – if for some crazy reason you’d like to be successful with your email marketing.

1. Send Only Promotional Emails

All you need to do is to send a promotional email and sales will come flowing in. Creating good content is time consuming and costly, just rehash some of the content on your website or sales brochure into an email. It’ll work out great!

2. Trick People Into Clicking

Design your emails as a bait and switch. Put a subject line in that tricks the reader into opening the email, then trick them into clicking through to your site. Your offer will be so good it will be worth it.

3. Send Emails Multiple Times Per Day

Your emails are so good – why not send 2 or 3 emails per day to the list? They’ll love the content and opportunity to interact with your brand. Generally, people are bored and reading your promotional emails will make their day.

4. Don’t Change Placeholder Emails

Email templates come with several placeholder spaces, such as {Insert your email summary here} that are designed for you to enter your own information. Go ahead and leave those as blank placeholders and don’t put anything in. Wouldn’t want to create content that a reader could actually use.

5. Send Large Attachments

Want to become a terrible email marketing? Send a 15mb attachment out to your entire email list. Embed really large images within the email itself – in fact, why not make the entire email one big image? You wouldn’t want to make it screen reader friendly or easy to read on a mobile device.

Avoiding these 5 steps will help you become a good email marketer, not the world’s worst.

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